Self Care Travel Companions

Practice self care wherever you go with these convenient, travel-sized self-care companions. While our online store prepares to RE-OPEN, take a sneak peek 👁👁 at some of Planting a Practice’s very own multifunctional products.

  • Herbal Tea Blend
  • Peppermint Plantain Lip Balm
  • Rosewater Spray
  • Healing Salve

Made by yours truly in small batches using top quality natural ingredients, my intention is to connect you to the medicines of each plant used; either Plantain, Calendula (Marigold), Witchhazel, Rose, Beeswax and/or Essential Oils. 

Because each item is multi faceted,  it brings an extra layer of depth and value to each product. For example the Peppermint Plantain Lipbalm doubles as a headache relief when rubbed on temples, the Rosewater is more than just a natural perfume, it also soothes a sunburn or relieves a bug bite and the Tea Blend can be used in the bath or as a facial cleanser. 

ONLINE SHOP RE-OPENING SOON, but in the meantime if you have any questions or are interested in placing a pre-order email

Peace ✌️Light ✨and Love 💛

~ Cassandra 

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