Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) is a feeling or moment that is cosy, charming or special aka heals your soul.

Hygge literally only requires consciousness, a certain slowness, and the ability to not just be present – but recognize and enjoy the present.

Ways to bring hygge into your life:

💛Stay home – instead of eating out, stay home and order in or better yet cook for yourself

💛Keep warm – wool socks, oversized sweaters, blankets and scarfs

💛Use fire or flame. If you can’t have a fire light a beeswax candle

💛Snuggle – rearrange your pillows and make a fort or snuggle up with someone else

💛Have a cup of tea – herbal teas are so nourishing. What’s your favourite?

Feeling thankful for precious moments like these with our budding family. Load up hygge or self care this week.

🦃🍁🌽Happy 🇨🇦Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

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