About Cassandra

Cassandra Kingsmill Stuart is a self-care enthusiast, certified yoga instructor, holistic chef, wellness blogger, herbal tea-lover and smoothie connoisseur. Guided by her own intuition and curiosity, she is fascinated by the body’s ability to heal naturally. Cassandra’s extensive time outdoors has allowed her to witness first hand that nature is the best medicine.

Cassandra follows a very simple beauty care routine. She doesn’t use a lot of products and makes a lot of her own. She believes beauty comes from the inside, that’s why she’s chooses plant based nutrition. 

Cassandra started living more naturally in 2007 after being diagnosed Bipolar. Never quite convinced of the medical diagnosis, Cassandra took her health seriously and learned everything she could about mental health and mood disorders. Although her diagnosis felt like a curse, it was a blessing which helped her to realize that the root cause of mental illness was in food and lifestyle. She learned to cook, adopted a cleaner diet, started practicing yoga, going to bed earlier and limited her socializing to a night or two (if that) a week.

She further deepened her commitment to conscious living about 2 years ago when a benign cyst had developed and ruptured on her ovary. She has since learned that her body was high in estrogen and that the foods she was eating and toxins she was exposed to (perfumes, lotions, laundry detergents, air fresheners etc.) were causing her body to react. If she was going to get pregnant one day she wanted her body to be the best vessel possible. She began simplifying her lifestyle, decluttering her home, sourcing her food from organic farmers, questioning the ingredients in her food and her products, purging any toxic cleaning products and started making her own (on top of the natural beauty care she was already making).

She and her husband of 10+ years now have have a daughter of their own which is even more of an inspiration for Cassandra to continue to practice self care, live simply and naturally and inspire others to do the same.