Planting a Practice

Planting A Practice is a concept birthed by Cassandra Kingsmill Stuart in the Fall of 2016, intended to inspire and hold space for those willing to support their health naturally and establish a self-care practice that works for them.

What does this mean? It means gently adopting simple habits one-at-a-time that re-connect us to nature. By connecting to nature, we can reconnect to ourselves. How do we do this? By slowing down, listening to our bodies and giving it what it intuitively needs.

The simplest way to connect to nature is through the food you eat and the products you use on your body and in your home.

Perhaps without even realizing it, you’ve become uprooted and overstimulated by modern-day culture, unaware of the signs your body is giving you and forgetting that the most incredible tools for health and vitality are right in front of us in nature.

Adopting simple practices that re-connect us to nature, helps us plant a strong foundation of self-care.

If you’ve made the shift to natural living, or you’re in the process (like I am), you can appreciate how hard it is to make and sustain the change. That’s why it’s important to introduce one-thing-at-a-time. There’s strength in gentleness, and some of the most subtle shifts have a massive impact.

You’ll be amazed how your body respond to simple gestures of loving kindness. It might be as simple as trying an herbal tea, walking bare foot, being curious about where you food comes from, or ditching store-bought salad dressing and making your own.

Whatever it is, Planting a Practice is intended to support your journey. So sit back with your favourite mug in hand and enjoy discovering some of the many ways to plant a practice of self-care.

 What we put on, in and around our bodies matters.