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Planting A Practice is about establishing a self care practice that helps you better respond to the demands of everyday life. 

Core Values 

Awareness is the the first step to creating change. Planting small seeds of self care builds a solid foundation. Understanding that we are are a sum of everything we put on, in and around our bodies is a good place to start.

Connection to our environment is key. We believe that plants are an antidote to stress and are available to us in more ways that we might think. Using foods from the grocery store  or common plants from own backyard, allow us to nourish ourselves the way nature intended.    

Cassandra Stuart

Cassandra is on a dedicated path to establishing a foundation for self care. Her intentions are simple; to share how transitioning to a more natural lifestyle has affected her mental health, pregnancy and young motherhood.

Cassandra uses her background as a Montessori childhood educator and Certified Yoga Instructor to connect with and teach friends and family about the power of self healing.

Cassandra's initiation to natural healing began when she received a mental health diagnosis in 2007. She wanted to support herself using both Traditional Medicine and Alternative Medicine. This multidisciplinary approach to healing has since formed the foundation for her self care practice.

 Cassandra lives in Georgina, Ontario, Canada near the shores of Lake Simcoe with her husband, daughter, dog and cat and they await the arrival of their second child.

Our Products

Our energetically awesome self care products are handmade in Georgina, Ontario by owner and creator Cassandra Stuart. She uses simple ingredients that are so pure you could eat them (after all, that’s what your skin will be doing.) They are multipurpose and safe for babies, pets and adults alike.

Each product contains healing properties from plants grown in Cassandra’s garden, harvested from the wild or sourced from trusted suppliers who’s values are in alignment with her own. 

Our Packaging