Hi friends and lovers,

With your help, from now until Valentine's Day, we plan to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood through the sale of handcrafted lavender sachets, made by Miriam. 100% proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood. 

The why behind our project

We aim to promote the practice of self-love and self-care while engaging activism and resistance.  

We were so moved by the world wide #WomensMarch on January 21 and equally as outraged by Trump’s first executive order implementing the Global Gag Rule (which denies any US funds from supporting organizations that perform abortions internationally) that we have joined together to start our own little fundraiser to support women’s health and human rights.

Why Lavender Sachets

Lavender is a gentle and effective plant ally that offers incredible aromatherapy benefits. It is a beautiful antidote to chaos and a token reminder of our power to act with grace and self-love. Your sachet will be a personal reminder of your own self-love, self-worth and the importance to standing up for a cause. These beauties will undoubtedly find a great home in your pyjama or sock drawer, under your pillow, around a door knob or kept close to your heart for a calming and compassionate aromatherapy.

Planned Parenthood offers more than just abortion services

Planned Parenthood empowers people of all genders and sexualities to know, love and understand their bodies. While the organization provides essential sexual health services, including STI and cancer screening, contraceptive options and counselling, pregnancy testing and abortions, Planned Parenthood also educates folks on their sexuality and well-being and advocates for policies that improve access to choice in family planning.

International vs. Local

You have a choice of where your money goes:

Planned Parenthood International is the mother organization and any donations to Planned Parenthood International will benefit people all over the world, including places where many sexual and reproductive health services are not available, legal or publicly funded. Unfortunately, tax receipts are not available for donations made to charities outside of the Canada, including Planned Parenthood International.

For more information on the invaluable work that Planned Parenthood does around the world, see Planned Parenthood International’s website:


All donations made to Planned Parenthood Toronto will remain in Toronto and will support sexual health here in the city. Charitable tax receipts are onlyavailable when you choose to donate to Planned Parenthood Toronto.

For more information about Planned Parenthood Toronto’s amazing work, check out PPT’s website:


Money talks but so can you

Whether you donate or not, consider talking openly about what self-love means to you and how it impacts our choices and politics around gender equality and human rights.

Join the conversation to see what others are saying about self love and reproductive rights by searching the hashtag #TheSelfLovenderProject. Please post your own responses if you feel inspired.    

Consider joining us. We are stronger together.  

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