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Lavender Sachet #TheSelf-LovenderProject

Planting A Practice

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Lavender Sachet    #TheSelf-LovenderProject

100% proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood. Please visit #TheSelfLovenderProject for more information.

With your help, from now until Valentine's Day, we plan to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood through the sale of handcrafted lavender sachets, made by Miriam.

Each sachet measures roughly 3" x 5" and is made with a soft but durable oatmeal linen. They are hand embroidered in a variety of colours with either a heart or a pussy cat (available while supplies last) and are filled with organic french lavender. 

Lavender is a gentle and effective plant ally that offers incredible aromatherapy benefits. It is a beautiful antidote to chaos and a token reminder of our power to act with grace and self-love. 

Choose whether you'd like your donation to support Planned Parenthood Toronto (tax receipt available) or Planned Parenthood International (tax receipt unavailable). 

Know that money talks, but so can you! Whether you donate or not, consider talking to a friend about what self-love means to you and how it impacts our choices and policies around gender equality and human rights. 

To learn more about our initiative, check out #TheSelfLovenderProject