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If It's Empty, Fill It, If It's Full, Empty IT

Cassandra Stuart

Asking for help is hard. I first heard this idea of filling what’s empty and emptying what’s full when I became a new mom (it totally applies even if you’re not a parent). Things like emptying someone’s dishwasher, taking out their garbage, doing their laundry OR filling someone’s fridge, filling their car with gas or simply topping up their mug with tea are all gestures that go a long way. I wish I could remember where I heard this so that I could give them credit. Either way, try it out and let me know in the comments below how YOU support your friends and family. #plantingapracticeofselfcare #energyexchange .
♡△ slow living + small batch self care creations cultivated with love and healing intentions 🌱🌙 #plantingapracticeofselfcare ™️Georgina, ON 🇨🇦

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