In order to stay present to the demands of Motherhood + my own self care practice orders are only shipped 2x monthly on the New Moon + Full Moon. Next shipping Friday November 19🌕

A soft landing to root your self care practice

Support your and your family's innate ability to heal with peace-of-mind self care products infused with love + the healing power of plants.

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Peace-of-mind self care products the whole family can enjoy

Floral waters, balms, creams, tinctures + teas made by hand in small batches using traditional practices. Plants are harvested at their peak potency from their wild + natural habitats or sourced from compassionate + ethical suppliers

Cassandra's philosophy

"Heal with plants that grow around you. Learn to cook. Make eye contact with the ones you love. Sit in circle. Celebrate with ceremony. What we put on, in + around our body matters. Our words are the simplest way to shift our vibration. Walk barefoot. Inhale vital life force. Exhale gratitude" ~ Cassandra Stuart, founder + Divine being having a human experience here on Earth with her husband and children who re-mind her daily why she is Planting a Practice of Self Care™️

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Planting A Practice of Self Care™️