Shop temporarily closed as I tend to Motherhood + my own Self Care

Small batch products made in Georgina, Ontario, Canada

Support your body’s innate ability to heal with products that are lovingly created in small batches using simple ingredients. Cassandra sustainably harvests plants from their wild habitat to make botanical oils, herbal tinctures and hydrosols (floral waters). Each offering is intended to ground your energy + re-mind the body of its wholiness.

Navigating Motherhood with support from Plants

Plants are the root of Cassandra’s self care practice. They have supported her though both her pregnancies, motherhood and a mental health diagnosis. Planting seeds of self care (intentions for heal-thy habits) is easy, it’s nurturing them to life that is Cassandra’s practice. 

Packaging that’s good for us + the environment

All products are contained in reusable and refillable packaging that can be returned for a refund, refilled or repurposed.