Planting a Practice of Self Care

Planting a Practice of Self Care

Natural Healing and Holistic Alchemy

We are more than our natural healing products. We are planting the seeds of self care by practicing small sustainable habits. Owner and creator Cassandra Stuart practices what she calls personal sustainability; taking care of herself in a way that works for her using available resources. She’s on a dedicated path to wellness and becoming an expert of her own body. 

Our Products

Our natural self care products are handmade in Georgina, Ontario by owner and creator Cassandra Stuart. She uses simple ingredients that are so pure you could eat them (after all, that’s what your skin will be doing.) They are multipurpose and safe for babies, pets and adults alike.

Each product contains healing properties from plants grown in Cassandra’s garden, harvested from the wild or sourced from trusted suppliers who’s values are in alignment with her own. 

Natural Healing

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