Blessings of love, light + beauty. Now accepting orders until the next New Moon May 11. Made to order and shipped the following Full Moon May 26

Small batch products made using traditional practices in Georgina, Ontario, Canada

Cassandra sustainably harvests plants from their wild + natural habitat to make botanical oils, herbal tinctures, loose leaf teas, hydrosols (floral waters) and flower essences. Each offering can be enjoyed by the whole family is intended to ground your energy + elevate your vibration.
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Peace of mind for the whole family

Cassandra only creates and offers products that her and her family can safely enjoy. They are made with mostly local + organic ingredients that are so pure you could almost eat them, after all that’s what your skin will be doing.

Packaging that’s good for us + the environment

All products are contained in reusable and refillable packaging that can be returned for a refund, refilled or repurposed.

Cassandra’s multidisciplinary approach to healing began with a mental health diagnosis

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