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Planting A Practice of Self Care™️

Chicory Flower Essence

Planting A Practice

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Chicory Flower Essence
Chicory Flower Essence
Chicory Flower Essence
Chicory Flower Essence

Chicory Flower Essence 

Primary use: to support feelings of unconditional love, compassionate detachment & maintaining boundaries 

Instructions: Shake well. Take 4 drops orally up to 4x daily.

What is a flower essence? A flower essence is a solar water infusion where the life force or energetic vibration of flower’s blossom transfers into the water and is held in a dilution spring water + brandy. It is consumed in tiny doses of 4 drops 4x daily and their effects are subtle but mighty!

Incorporating flower essences into your daily practice have been traditionally used to heal the body on an emotional and spiritual level (instead of on a physical one). For this reason, they have been known to be safe and effective for all ages and stages of life with no known contraindications.

Flower essences embody the concept of self care. 

Ingredients: Chicory flower essence, summer sun, spring water + brandy. 

*Store away from wifi or radiation.

Small batches handmade in Georgina, Ontario, Canada

15mL dropper bottle 


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