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Calm Balm

Planting A Practice

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Calm Balm
Calm Balm
Calm Balm
Calm Balm
Calm Balm

Calm the Mind + Soothe the Body 

Highly Vibrational Plant-Infused Oils with Beeswax, Coconut oil & Shea Butter

This blend is the original balm that started Planting A Practice. It's smooth, silky and absorbs easily into the skin.

Instructions: Apply lovingly to overworked + under appreciated sore muscles, busy hands, neglected feet + shoulders. This multipurpose salve doubles as a lip balm, under eye cream + soothes itchy or irritated skin; rashes, stings, scars, burns, bites, bruises + newly tattooed skin.

Consciously crafted in small batches in Georgina, Ontario, Canada. 


Plantain-infused Organic Olive Oil is traditionally used on itchy, dry, bug bitten skin. Plantain leaf (the herb) grows abundantly worldwide and is known for its ability to soothe a histamine response in the body. 

Shea Butter is known for its fast absorbing anti inflammatory properties and ability to soften skin while protecting it from the Sun and the elements. Thi Shea butter used in this blend is created by Ghanese women who sung and prayed into it. How beautiful is that? 

Coconut Oil is an antimicrobial moisturizer, offers some natural SPF andmakes this balm a soft, cream-like texture.

Local Ontario Beeswax is a humectant that draws moisture into the skin and protects + regenerates skin by allowing it to breath. 


Essential Oils of Lavender, Geranium Rose + Rosemary  

 0.5 oz. tin



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