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Root To Rise Roller

Planting A Practice

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Root To Rise Roller
Root To Rise Roller
Root To Rise Roller
Root To Rise Roller
Root To Rise Roller

Highly Vibrational Crystal-Infused Aromatherapy Blend to Ground + Uplift 

For Face, Feet & Body

This signature blend of essential oils is traditionally used in aromatherapy to naturally balance hormones, including cortisol + adrenaline (our stress hormones).

Both sizes tuck nicely in a wallet or pocket for convenient travel so that it's easily accessible to help you respond to daily life. 

Lovingly apply roller to wrists, back of neck, chest or third eye space (between your eyebrows). For 
immune support rub on soles of feet. 

Ingredients: Organic carrier oil and essential oils of Lavender, Geranium Rose +  Rosemary + healing crystal 

Small batches made in Georgina, Ontario, Canada 

3mL Glass Mini Roller & 10mL Glass Roller 

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