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Cosmic Rosewater

Planting A Practice

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Cosmic Rosewater
Cosmic Rosewater
Cosmic Rosewater
Cosmic Rosewater
Cosmic Rosewater

Cosmic Rosewater

Elixir of Rose Hydrosol, Rose Quartz, planetary + flower essences 

For Face, Hands, Body, throughout your space or add 3-5 sprays to spring water or herbal tea

To ground your energy + elevate your vibration 

Instructions: Spray lovingly throughout your space, over your face, neck, body and/or barefeet. Add to your warm or cool beverages.

Primary Use: A feel-good mist that may ground your energy + elevate your vibration 

Alternate Uses: facial toner, water or herbal tea flavouring, hand sanitizer, non-alchoholic cleanser for minor scrapes, stings or wounds,  aftersun, afterbite, aftershave, leave in hair conditioner, body spray, pillow refresher, air freshener, yoga mat cleanser, spritz in your bath.

Ingredients: Rose hydrosol: a floral water traditionally used to tone + balance skin + mood

Chicory flower essence for unconditional love

Rose quartz essence to balance feminine energies of compassion, peace + healing

Moon water to help us connect to our emotions and the ebb + flow of natural cycles + rhythms

*Keep cool. Shake well. Refrigerate to extend longevity

Small batches handmade in Georgina, Ontario, Canada

2oz. or 4 oz. glass fine mist spray 

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