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Magnesium Foot & Body Cream

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Magnesium Foot & Body Cream
Magnesium Foot & Body Cream
Magnesium Foot & Body Cream
Magnesium Foot & Body Cream

Magnesium Cream

Highly Vibrational Oils w/ Magnesium (the calming mineral)

Magnesium is a naturally occurring ancient mineral known for its ability to calm the mind + soothe the body.

Primary Use: Ideal after the bath/before bed to for soothing sore muscles and/or to ease menstrual cramps. 

Alternate Uses: This decadent cream is highly moisturizing, absorbs easily, doubles as a belly rub for pregnant mamas, and works wonders for dry skin or on tight shoulders, jaw line, back, calves, feet and tender muscles.

Instructions: A little goes a long way. Massage 1-2 tsp into tender areas of the body asking for a little TLC (shoulders, neck, jaw line, calves, lower back etc) Massage until you daydream. As a foot rub, cocoon your feet in a pair of socks (it can be a a bit slippery otherwise).

Ingredients: organic olive oil, magnesium oil, aloe leaf juice, vitamin e, emulsifying wax, and lightly scented with essential oils. 

*refrigerate for longevity. Avoid contact with eyes. Even though Magnesium is a naturally occuring mineral, it can irritate the eyes.

Small batches handmade using traditional practices in Georgina, Ontario, Canada

3.5oz glass jar


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