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Experience Self Care (gift ideas)

Cassandra Stuart

Meet the makers, healers and self care warriors that remind me daily how to practice self care. This year, instead of/ on top of giving actual gifts, give the experience of self care  


Enjoy Cannabis responsibly. @dirrrrrrt is cultivating a movement around mindful indulgence and teaching people how to use and not abuse the sacred plant cannabis.


Dirt Cookies

DM @dirrrrrrt to order cookies.



Give the gift of knowing your body better! Jenn Pike, RHN cuts the B.S. and invites more Simplicity and Ease into everything you do


Simplicity Sessions Podcast


Jenn Pike 21-Day-Digestion-Protocol



Give the gift of Health. Broth heals our gut, promotes glowing skin and is amazing for Mental Health. 


Ripe Nutrition Liquid Gold Collagen Broth and Vegan Immunity Broth 





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