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Misconception about Meditation

Cassandra Stuart

A misconception I had years ago about meditation was that I was doing it wrong because I still had thoughts. Of course I did! I have since learned I can’t tell my brain to stop thinking. Instead, I Practice being a host to my thoughts and allow them to come but don’t entertain them and then return to the mantra my teacher gave me. 

It’s hard to explain how I feel when I meditate. I can tell you how I feel afterwards though, which is calm, clear and level-headed. 

It’s now been 2+ years since I’ve practiced meditating 2x day. It helped me through my pregnancy and labour, has strengthened my relationship with my husband and has supported my mental health like nothing else. 

What do you do to bring you back to your best self? @zivameditation #plantingapracticeofselfcare #lazymansmeditation

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