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Raising independent children

Cassandra Stuart

To a parent, raising independent children might look and feel like...
Giving them space
Letting them spill
Cleaning it up WITH them
Allowing them to drink from glass and eat off of real plates
Listening to them struggle
Silently watching them proudly put a shirt on as pants
Resist laughing at them, only with them
Resist correcting them, unless absolutely necessary
Empowering them to cook + prepare food themselves
Loosening a lid so that they can connect to the feeling of opening something themselves
Showing them when their face is messy and giving them the choice to clean it themselves
Having dishes in cupboards at their height even though it's inconvenient for us
Trusting that they are WAY more capable than most parents gave us credit for.

"Are you serious? You do this? You have patience I don't have!" This isn't true. Part of the reason I DO these things is because I don't have the patience to watch infinite potential go to waste in our children. If I've ignited anything in you, that's partly my intention- to connect but never shame someone to the possibility of another way.

It takes a lot un-learning to give our children the respect they deserve. This doesn't happen overnight.

Fostering independence in children plants a practice of self care for ALL 💕✨🌀🌿🧚🏻


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