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Spring Equinox and the 3 S’s Sleep, Sugar, Simplify

Cassandra Stuart

TRANSITION part 2 of 2. The 3 S’s - sleep, sugar, simplify.

There’s a special place I like to go to celebrate the seasons changing @the_yoga_yurt 

This year’s Spring Equinox is amplified by the energies of a full moon - a potent time to be mindful of how much SLEEP you’re getting, be a witness to your SUGAR intake and SIMPLIFY your to-do list.

When not kept in check, these 3 things can uproot me and present as a cough, cold or sore throat. Often these are my body’s way of saying that my lungs are letting go of excess accumulation like grief from the winter, sugar is throwing off my root chakra and my throat chakra making me feel insecure or unable to communicate from a place of confidence or my mental congestion and to-do list is manifesting as nasal congestion. .

This simple but spiritual place  @the_yoga_yurt facilitated by @naty_howard cocoons me so that I can feel grounded and at ease to better adapt to the seasons changing. I also incorporate Elderberry Syrup and Dandelion Tincture into my daily routine (place your order before Friday March 22).

What will you do around this time of year to honour your natural rhythms? #plantingapracticeofselfcare #transition

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