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How Elderberry Syrup + Dandelion Tincture help with Transition

Cassandra Stuart

TRANSITION part 1 of 2. Elderberry Syrup + Love Your Liver Dandelion Tincture

As plant allies both Elderberries and Dandelion roots gently help us navigate change.

The bitterness of Dandelion roots stimulate the liver, giving it the loving support it needs to let go of any excess and make space for healing.

The vitamin C, antioxidants and raw honey in Elderberry Syrup are vital ingredients for cell repair and rejuvenation. .

My online shop has been closed for seasonal self care, but I am taking orders around this full moon time to create and share these remedies. Place your order by Friday March 22 if you’re interested. $15 for each item. *these are personal reflections of my experience with plants and are not intended to as medical advice 💕


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