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The Best Witch is Witch Hazel

Cassandra Stuart

the-1If I were stranded on a deserted island, one of the things I’d want with me would be Witch Hazel. This multi-purpose miracle cleanser is high in tannins which reduces inflammation, heals and preserves the skin.

Known as the “medicinal marvel with a funny name,” it really is the best witch! I use it for everything.

Witch Hazel is used in many of our beauty care products and is made by boiling the bark and leaves of the North-American Witch Hazel shrub Hamamelis virginiana. I’ve never made my own but I trust the Thayers brand. It’s often combined with Aloe, allowing it to moisturize while it cleanses.

Witch Hazel is a safe to use externally and is used for several things.

  • Face cleanser, toner & makeup remover – use on a cotton pad to cleanse and wipe your face. Alcohol-free is best around the eyes.
  • Aging skin – helps to slough away dead skin, heals and preserves the skin
  • Puffy eyes – wipe around your eyes, dabbing gently around any bags (use alcohol free to prevent any irritation)
  • DIY baby wipe – apply to toilet paper and wipe to cleanse and soothe inflammation
  • Hemorrhoids + Varicose veins – as an astringent it shrinks unwanted inflammation. Soak a cotton pad and apply to the area for 5 minutes.
  • Ear cleaner for your dog – dampen a cotton pad and use 1 for each ear
  • Psoriasis spray – 50/50 mix of alcohol-free Witch Hazel + Glycerine in a spray bottle to soothe symptoms of psoriasis. Spray on body and scalp.
  • Sunburn – apply using a spray or gently dab the area with a cotton pad
  • As a preservative essential oil sprays – combine 50/50 distilled water + Witch Hazel in a spray bottle and add your preference of essential oils.

Witch Hazel safely treats these symptoms, but doesn’t cure them. That’s up to you to listen inward and explore the why behind the problem.

I have a serious soft spot for the Rose Petal Witch Hazel (you’ll understand why once you try it). You can buy it at just about any natural health store, and it makes me excited when I find it in grocery stores. rosewitch

If you’re in the market for a natural cleanser, are recovering from labor, have a baby with diaper rash, have hemorrhoids or suffer from psoriasis definitely hop on over to this site to read more.

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