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The Why Behind Our Logo

Cassandra Stuart

Short answer:


The hearts represent compassion and balance of the yin and yang in our lives while the triangles represent a trinity of mind, body and spirit.

Long answer:

Sitting on the beach in Mexico painting pottery with my mum, I painted a heart on a bowl and my mum reached over and painted one too.  Because we were sitting across from one another, my heart faced me and her heart faced her. This was back in 2011 and we were in Mexico celebrating the completion of my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It was a pretty amazing time in my life because I felt so strong and capable of handling whatever life had to offer.  Being in touch with my body at this level gave me the confidence to know, love and understand myself.

Cass and Dor Mexico

Years later on a yoga retreat in 2016, I was drawn to the symbolism of the triangle - a trinity of body, mind and spirit and how all three are equally interrelated. We can't tend to our body without recognizing it's impact on our mind and spirit - they are all one in the same. Also, depending on the orientation of the triangle it can elevate or ground certain energies.

CREATINGFor example, in Ayurveda the left side of the body is associated with feminine energy, so the upward facing triangle in the left heart elevates our feminine energy, while the downward facing triangle in the heart on the right helps to ground our masculine energy.

The colour blue represents the the throat chakra and third eye chakra, both are energy points on the body associated with calmness and clarity of speech and higher thoughts, something I am always aspiring to invoke in myself and inspire in others. Being able to know what you want/need and how to ask for it is empowering.

My intention is that this logo will inspire you care for your whole self with compassion, root your energy into things that allow you to grow and speak from a place of truth so that you can tend to whatever it is you need.




This is a photo of my arms with a temporary, natural henna tattoo. The hearts are opposite our logo simply because it showcases the feminine heart on my left and masculine grounding heart on my right.

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