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What do I do all day?

Cassandra Stuart

If I’m not going back to “work” in the traditional sense, and I’ve temporarily closed my shop making + selling self care products - what do I do all day?

I mostly share my days with my 2 year old observing her and following her lead. Coming from a teaching background in a #Montessorienvironment, modelling independence and cultivating confidence are integral. .
To expand on @sistergoldenshoporiginal caption of this image, “may your heart be brave and your spirit be free” often this means trusting the process knowing that being able to think and do things for yourself is the greatest gift. .
Sometimes this means... showing rather than telling; actions speak louder than words, and allowing her todo things her own way

saying “no”, followed by something positive like “thank you for listening”

modifying furniture so that she can do things on her own eg. putting a couch cushion on the floor so that she can get up on the couch by herself

practicing life skills. Her favourite things to play with are lids, jars, zippers, screw drivers, collecting rocks, cracking and scrambling eggs, pouring water, making potions, turning on/off lamps and opening/closing the back door (L-shaped handles are the best for little hands)

leaving out food/snacks or stocking her cupboard of the kitchen(at her height) so that she can tell me when she wants to eat not vice versa

making a “mess” and cleaning it up with her, not for her

moving at her pace, not over scheduling or travelling by car everyday. Home can be such a beautiful place to be 
#plantingapracticeofselfcare#motherhood 📸 🖼 @sistergoldenshop

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