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Frozen Cauliflower Chai Smoothie

Cassandra Stuart

I promise you won't taste the cauliflower.

{recipe} Full moon + Solstice vibes - calm the mind and cool the body with warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove. Partner with full fats like coconut milk and gut-healing protein like collagen to ground your energy.

@juliedaniluk makes an amazing “digestive chai” blend. Steep and serve hot or let cool and try this Iced Chai Latte ✨TIP: add frozen cauliflower instead of or alongside ice (I promise you won’t taste it, and it adds so much creamy digestive fibre = excellent for detox and hormone balancing)

1/2 cup chai tea @juliedaniluk (I steeped my tea with a bag of @tradmedicinals chamomile for extra calming)
1/4 cup full fat coconut milk
Pinch of each: cinnamon, allspice, ginger
Handful of ice
3-4 florets of frozen organic cauliflower
1 scoop collagen protein @vitalproteins
Small splash of maple syrup

#plantingapracticeofselfcare #solsticevibes #fullmoonvibes #icedcoconutchailatte

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