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Rock On Soul Friends!

Cassandra Stuart

I like to think of these stones as an an extra layer of depth to my self-care practice. They're like our ancient ancestors imparting wisdom and guidance from the earth's energy to enrich our lives on some level. These stones offer a quality of that can't really be seen, only felt.


Green Aventurine 

Green aventurine is associated with the heart chakra (the colour green). It is a stone of opportunity and optimism helping to release old patterns, instil confidence  and make space for growth. 


Rose Quartz

 Interestingly, even though rose quartz is pink (a variation of red which is associated with the root chakra) rose quartz is also associated with the heart chakra, promoting self-love and love for others. This is a crystal of unconditional love, compassion and healing. 



Amethyst is a beautiful purple stone that compliments the crown chakra, the energy centre of the mind. Helping to fend off depression and malaligned thoughts and feelings. This stone helps with addiction and stress and promotes healing and inner peace.  



Appearing orange, this yellow stone shares the properties of the solar plexus or 3rd chakra. Citrine has the energy of the sun, dissipating any thoughts of negativity and turning them into positive ones. This stone promotes creativity and helps people stand confidently in their power. 



The blues of sodalite are connected to our throat chakra AND our third eye chakra, supporting and strengthening our ability to communicate clearly and confidently as well as develop our own intuition. 


...Stay tuned for added gemstones, crystals and minerals.
Until then, rock on soul friends!


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