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Chamomile Rose Latte

Cassandra Stuart

{Recipe} Chamomile Rose Latte

In a saucepan bring 8 cups of water to a boil
Turn heat to low
Add 3 chamomile tea bags or 2T. dried chamomile flowers
Cover and let steep 10 minutes 
Add 1 can full fat coconut milk
Add 1 tsp. raw local honey
Turn heat back on to min. until fully warmed through
Froth with an emersion blender if you want to get fancy 
Add Rosewater
Option 1 - Spray your mug with 10 sprays of our Heart Opening Rose Mist (available Online📎) then ladle in your latte

Option 2 - Add 1 T. Rosewater to the pot and stir. *Add more to taste in small increments, a little goes a long way 👯 Serves enough to sip all day long or share with a friend/s (about 6-8 mugs depending on how big your mugs are.) #plantingapracticeofselfcare#rosewaterlatte#chamomilerosewaterlatte#heartopener #heartopeningrosemist

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