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Elderberry Gummies

Cassandra Stuart

Trick or treat. Trick your family into eating gut-friendly gummies made with immune boosting elderberries. They’re a treat around here. .
3/4 cup Elderberry Syrup *available at most health food stores, or buy some of ours online
3 T. @greatlakesgelatin *an unflavoured, pasture raised source of collagen protein that supports gut health

Stir gelatin into cold/room temp Elderberry Syrup. Let stand 5min. until it thickens

Scoop thickened mixture into a saucepan and heat on low for 5min.

Pour into moulds or a shallow dish and then cut into cubes once settled. Let settle for about 1 hour, or 20 min. in the fridge. .
This recipe made 12 gummies. The best part is once your finished pouring the mix into moulds, don’t wash the saucepan - wait for the excess to harden on the saucepan and peel it off and eat it 😉
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